Jehovas Witness smells!


So Jehovas Witness came by today (im atheist) and ofc. i havent showered, shaved or anything in 3 days and been wearing the same shirt aswell… And one of them was actually a cute girl…so she comes up near and close to talk about stuff and oh yes i think she got a good sniff of me. But the question is…why does cute girls have crazy believes in spaceship jesus with god behind the wheel or what ever.. My friend was talking to a girl in a bar in Copenhagen and after they’ve been talking for about 20-30 min ?  she asked “what religion are you?” and he said he is atheist and the first thing she said was “oh…then i cant talk to you because me and my friends are (i have no idea what it was…some crazy shit) -blank blank-” and then she and her friends walked away….wtf ? Stop talking about crazy forever life what ever shit fuck crazy believes…i dont wanna be a squirrel in my next life or what ever you guys belive in…idiots…

Fuck it ill go worship satan instead

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Don’t Dead, Open inside ?

ImageSo me and my friend had hangovers like a bitch…so we decided to get some more beers and finally try watch The Walking Dead. In one of the first episodes (the first episode?) were he get’s in to town and there is tanks and shit everywhere…so we started talking about how fucking retarded you have to be to get killed inside a tank by zombies? and EVERY fucking car he comes across doesnt have fuel…so the military has just parked all their cars and tanks in the town without fuel since he cant just drive the tank through the horde ? and all of their weapons are pretty much gone. Well… military zombies with guns…Hoorah! And seriously…taking a horse to ride in town where you KNOW there is 2390710 zombies arounds every corner ? Great thinking!

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Let’s start this!

I start this because i want to get some of my thoughts down on black and white ! Dont care if you like this shit or not i write what ever the fuck i think…So feel free to leave or comment some opinions! and im from Denmark so my engelish isn no good!

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